3DR Pixhawk fails Authenticity check

This is more a heads up as so far, APM Planner seems to have installed the firmware.

Genuine 3DR Pixhawk
Mac Pro OS X 10.11.2
APM Planner (faded5a5-2.0.19-rc4)

Initial Setup/Install Firmware
Octo 3.3.2
and this message appears

[attachment=0]Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 6.09.01 AM.png[/attachment]

The APM Planner seems to continue installing but I won’t know for sure until I start configuring and flying.

I did not knew there was such a thing, but there’s certainly no DRM garbage inside, it will fly :slight_smile:

There was this concept that autopilots would have a labelling process to distinguish who made the product. AP2 verifies the key and returns. The check is broken in the latest release. Anyway it should still upload the FW. I’m removing the check from the latest builds as well

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