3DR - Oldie but goodie, ready to go Quadcopter

3DR Drone Ardupilot 4.1.3 (Arducopter) quadcopter multirotor, 10in propeller (1045), GPS & Telemetry.

This is a used drone, but it has been expertly serviced to look as close to new as possible and in working condition. The Pixhawk flight controller has been upgraded to Arducopter stable 4.1.3 and the telemetry radio has also been upgraded to the latest firmware.

This drone has been tested to work and fly correctly before shipping.

Specific details and included components are:

Frame: Black reinforced fiberglass plates, including two large plates that enclose the power system, the landing gear legs, and the plates for mounting the flight controller. Arms are aluminum square tubing. These frame components are light and stiff for better control and vibration resistant

  • 3DR Frame
  • 3DR Power Distribution board
  • 3DR 20 Amp ESCs with BEC (x4)
  • 3DR Motors
  • 3DR Pixhawk Flight Controller, with buzzer and hardware safety switch
  • 3DR GPS unit
  • 3DR SIK Telemetry Radio, both air unit, and base unit
  • 3DR Power Sensor, for battery voltage and current monitoring
  • Spektrum Satellite Receiver

What you will need to fly:

  • Battery (4S, up to 5000mAh recommended)
  • Battery Charger
  • Radio Tx - Spektrum with 6 or more channels
  • Ground Station Laptop (For configuration and autonomous mission creation/upload)
  • Micro USB Cable for initial connection and base unit Telemetry radio connection


This is an advanced autonomous drone, running the Ardupilot (Arducopter) firmware.

This is not a beginner drone, if you are buying here, you know that it takes some knowledge to use ArduCopter. I guarantee that everything works and that it flies. I will not be able to help you with configuration and/or troubleshooting.

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It looks like an ardupilot beginner drone to me, don’t understand why you claim is not. Is a cheap build for beginners.

Sure, for those that already have knowledge of Ardupilot it will be a simple ready-to-fly configuration.