3DR Making an exit on DIY Kits and Iris?

After reading and looking on the 3DR website it appears that the DYI kits (quad, Y6, are discontinued and the IRIS parts (EX. legs) are discontinued.



Is the writing on the wall? Why discontinue parts on the Iris if the drone will not be discontinued? They are practically giving Iris motors away on the 3DR store website too. If it’s all true I think they should at least continue making repair parts for their existing customer base for a time. It’s an investment…not a throw away after you crash. If it’s all true don’t leave your DYI and Iris customers high and dry. I can still get parts for my Align helis that are 10 yrs old for example.

Can anyone shed some light?

I saw the same thing. I have an IRIS+ and saw $3.00 motors, $2.00 arms and unbelievable deals on FPV kits for $99 (normally $349) and Tarot gimbals for $75 (normally $210).

I recently purchased my IRIS+ and would really hate to see a company drop support for this product so fast.

Just in case, I must say I spent some $$$ and stocked up on motors, arms and anything else that I thought I would need to keep mine running. Heck, I even bought a second IRIS+ for only $399 ($200 off).

Just a few days later, the pricing on the FPV kits, gimbals and IRIS+ all went back up to their original prices. I wonder if it was more of a stock adjustment at the end of the year rather than dropping support for the product,

Iris is history. 3DR is now SOLO only, also china only, like most of the other companies. I ordered 2 of the Y6 kits, ($249 ea) and 20 of the Iris motors, ($3 ea). The 2 Y6 kits have been shipped, but have not got a confirmation on the 20 motors yet. I also own 3 Iris+ machines, one still sealed in it’s box. Capitalism at it’s best. Come up with a product that threatens the big boys, and you get bought out. It’s the want of money. :unamused:

If this Christmas was any indication of what’s going on where every store and supper market had some kind of Drone for sale.
Let’s fluid the market so everyone can scratch that itch so we can move on.
3DR and DJI are the Compaq and IBM of the world and today there is no Compaq and IBM has sold of that market.


Sounds like some of you made out like bandits. As for me…I’m a true hobbyist. I’m not interested in smart batteries that cost 3x as much as regular batteries and units that are bricked if you don’t update them or restrict/track where you fly. I really just enjoy flying more than anything. I don’t need automation to float that boat. Having said that…I do like aerial video and waypoint flying so I’ll be looking in other directions to make my own platform. I’ll keep flying the Iris until it’s tired or breaks. It was a nice little unit. I don’t think I’ll invest in more parts to keep it going though. I’ll be around… :slight_smile:

Got my 20 motors and a spare set of Iris+ legs yesterday. 2 Y6’s coming Tuesday! yippee!