3DR Guys -- A Little Help with Cabling Please

I may need a few slightly longer micro cables for my next design. It isn’t massive, but I’d like a couple of extra inches on a few of the connectors.

Can you please point me to a good source of those micro-header connectors? Sparkfun has some, but they are single-ended. I don’t mind splicing cables together, but I’d rather have nice clean virgin wires and save myself the solder joints and heat shrink tubing.

Thank you in advance.

You can buy different lengths in the store

I’ll check that out right now. I can’t even figure-out what to call those headers. For example, I can find the larger 0.100" headers everywhere. But when I ask for a mini or micro header (or header cable), it gets confounded with all the USB stuff.


store.3drobotics.com/products?ut … words=DF13

I just ordered an assortment of four and six pin cables from you yesterday.

Thank you for the info!