3DR GPS Lea6 v1.1 upgrade to U-Blox 6 from U-Blox 5?

Every screen grab I have seen for how to update 3DR GPS script/configuration shows ‘U-BLOX 6’ in the lower right of the screen in the U-Blox software.

When I connect mine, it shows U-BLOX 5.

When I drop down ‘tools’, there is an option ’ firmware update u-blox 5/6/7’’ but when I follow that process through, download V6 firmware from U-Blox and try updating, I am unable to get communication between my laptop and the gps.

Does anyone have any experience of updating the firmware, or pointers to where I might be able to get help please?

Kind regards

U-Blox 5/6/7 is the chipset, not the firmware version! You can’t update a U-Blox 5 to a U-Blox 6.

What you are seeing is just a setting for the U-Center software, so it knows, what generation’s receiver it is talking to and can offer the appropriate options.
If your status line show “u-blox 5”, go to Receiver -> Generation and set the Generation to U-Blox 6 for the 3DR GPS/Compass module.

Next time, please read User Manual before asking support questions.

Apologies for such a basic noobie mistake!!

Thank you for taking the time to point me in the right direction.

Kind regards