3DR DIY Quad Frame Geometry


I just received a 3DR DIY Quad Frame and I had a question about the rear arm geometry.

There are now 2 pre-drilled sets of holes through the plates that allow the builder to position the rear arms into 2 different positions. The first position makes the copter more equally arranged with the front and rear arms more or less equally spaced apart while the 2nd position puts the rear arms slightly closer together.

My questions are: What are the advantages of either arm position? Also, if we go with a position do we need to click on a different icon in the setup menu in the Mission Planner? Should we still click on the X quad or if I use the narrower rear arm setup should I click on the more “spider” setup?


One set of hole will get you ‘X’ style frame for the quad which is recommended and the other set of holes changes the geometry to ‘V’ frame style which i believe is pretty much the same in flight but you would have to try both and see which suits you best.