3DR D-Frame new motors

Hi all,

I own the 3DR D-Frame kit with the stock 3DR 20Amp ESCs (SimonK) and the 3DR 850Kv motors with 10x4,7 props. I am very happy with my setup and thus added a camera gimbal and a bigger battery (3S 5000mah) which adds about 400-500g to my setup. As a result - of course - the copter is underpowered and hovers at about 70% throttle.

To gain back some power (want to be able to hover at about 50% throttle) I thought about getting some new motors. If possible I still want to use my 10x4,7 props and the 20Amp ESCs. It would be great if they had 16mm mounting holes to attach them directly to the 3DR frame.

Does anyone have some experience with new motors for the 3DR frame and has a suggestion?

Thanks alot