3DR APM2.5 best firmware

I have on APM2.5, with FW3.2.1 installed. I have problem with sonar.
Sonar is maxbotix lv-ez4, and I allready set [RNGFND_PIN=0],[RNGFND_MAX_CM=700],[RNGFND_SCALING=2,04],[RNGFND_TYPE=1]. With no motor, so without perturbation, readin distance is bad and not constant instead model stay in place. Power Source is 3DR for APM2.5 , and no other consumer installed in line with APM.

What version is know as stable and work good for APM2.5 ?

It seems that 3.1.5 has been identified as a good one on the DIY drones forum.
My APM 2.6 was really flying well on it and I unfortunately upgraded to 3.2.1 with horrible results after an autotune… Reading the posts for different firmware releases seems to be the prudent thing to do before any changes to firmware!

I will save the present settings and then I’ll install FV 3.1.5 fresh. However, I have a question. What ArduPlanner version (pc software) can I use, taking into consideration the fact that I 'll have Fv 3.1.5 installed by then. The latest version or another, older version?

sonar, not work with fw3.1.5. Is appear gray, and can not enable Sonar. I try multiple solution, including ERASE & RESET in CLI. I try flahing arduplane then arducopter. No changing…

in fw3.2.1, I enable Sonar, and reading distance properly, but APM2.5 does not use Sonar data in fly. No change if I put hand or other object in front with Sonar. In Loiter or ALT_HOLD.