3DR and OSD in Parralel

I need help connecting and setting up my 3DR air radio and OSD. 3DR radio is connected to APM 2,6 telem port and working fine.
I want to ad OSD for overlay on my Fatshark FPV.
I bought a “Y” cable from 3DRobotics, it has 3 connections, one being the OSD and then one that plugs into telem port, and another that I canot find a place to plug it?
OK I must ad that I still have version 1 of the 3DR radios so maybe this lead is for the version 2 3DR radios?
Could I put another type connector on for the radio???
Maybe someone has done this and has a diagram or photos?
Much appreciated if someone could help.

Hi Smiddie,

I guess the Y cable you bought is this:
store.3drobotics.com/products/te … -2-dot-5-6
So it is to connect the V2 telemetry radio.

This is the cable for the V1 telemetry and minimOSD but unfortunately is just available in the FPV/OSD system kit.

Here is a diagram that might help you with the Y cable:

Once you have the cable, please follow this documentation for the Fatshark FPV:
copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/common … are-setup/

Hi RogelioN

This is perfect, thanks a lot, I will put another connector on the t cable to fit the V1 telem.
The diagram will help a lot.
Again thanks for the speedy response.

Would this be the same for APM 1.4? I understand the connectors would be different but is
possible to run TEL and OSD on apm 1.4?