3DR 915 MHz Radio Locking On Write

All, I am communicating with my 3DR x8+ drone via the supplied 915 MHz radios using MAVLink. 90% of the time I have great success, however often I will begin to get “write” lockups on the radio. These can last up to 30 seconds! (I threw a timer around my write call) Examining the radio attached to my computer, I can see the Rx led flashing during these moments and the Tx led silent.

It is important to note that I use tcdrain to force a write through the radio. If I do not use the tcdrain the lockups disappear (obviously), but my messages sometimes do not get sent. This causes the most difficulty during my waypoint upload protocol. Has anyone experienced this? Does anyone have a solution? I want to blame the hardware, it’s almost like there hardware flow control preventing my write.

I’d be glad to upload the configuration I use for the UART.