3D View GCS Mavlink-compatible

Hello everyone,
I am very new here, I’m a French developer curious about trying new open source technologies. I’d like to know if you know some Ground Control System software, based on a 3D view, like unity / blender editor to planify some flight. This flight plannification will be injected into a multi rotor device and accomplish the flight on demand.

It’s my very first post on this forum, I’ve already accomplish some lecture, and from my understoods there are four parts in the drone technologies:

-> The hardware, the drone itself
-> The pilot loaded on the drone computer, big names from my googling: PX4 and ARDUPILOT loadable on pixhawk hardware.
-> The GCS to planify or simulate a flight.
-> The remote control.

In my use case I don’t need the remote control, the flight will be fully planned before, on my computer. From now, I am looking for all capabilities given by open source technologies before investing in hardware, this is why I am looking for you help.

Do you know some 3D view GCS software, compatible with open source hardware, like the pixhawk one ?

Thank you per avance,
keep safe