3D Printed VTOL in the works

Heres my 3d Printed VTOL-fw I have most of the work finished but noticed the 9" props are not able to cut the mustard. I did get it air born but it not happy.


awesome frame… how about the weight?

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just the frame without motors is 2 lb and 4 oz. that will go up fast… I changing the motors to lower kv.

this was the first concepts for webs

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Yesterday i removed the small motor pods and made bigger ones to fit 400 kv motors. I going to try using 12" props. the 9" did not seem to have the needed lift. the conversion was not a lot of work. 14" shown.
in the image.

I will also gain the added option to go s6 battery for extra power with the bigger motors and the weight does not seem that bad.

Very nice ! Have you flown it yet?

Only in take off mode and not in FBWA. This project got the Covid funding issue. I have a video I can post of it in quad mode.

How can i get the designs for this item?

I’d like to tackle this build as well. Possibly making the front two motors vector tilt capable to eliminate the 5th motor. Would appreciate sharing the STL source.