3D Maps crash MP on Win10

using SITL with your actual RC transmitter, OSD screen and 3DMaps of your favourite flying spot makes for a pretty awesome simulation experience, thanks for that @Michael_Oborne !

however, i’ve been having issues trying to run 3DMaps from Ctrl+f - menu since a couple of weeks, now causing the MP to crash attempting to load the maps screen.
as going back to pre - 1.3.60 versions that i’ve used successfully with 3dMaps previously does not solve the issue, i don’t think it’s an actual MP issue, maybe rather some interaction due to Win10 components?
figuring what the exact issue is based on the logs is beyond my scope though, so i’d appreciate help with this.

log: https://github.com/vierfuffzig/Chibios-miscellaneous/blob/master/MP_3DMaps_Isue.txt

thanks, basti.

Can confirm that it does crash, with:
Windows Version 10.0.17134 Build 17134
Mission Planner Version 1.3.62 build 1.3.6917.15581

To be honest, I never noticed the 3DMaps option until you mentioned it. But it does sound interesting.