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3D dgps vs RTK Fix in a Pixhawk 1 & Here+ setup

Hi guys,

I have the following setup:

  • Pixhawk 1 running Copter 3.5.3
  • Here+ Rover module connected to the GPS port
  • 3DR module connected to Serial 4/5 port and I2C port

With the following params:

  • GPS_TYPE = 1
  • GPS_TYPE2 = 0

I guaranted that I am having a single GPS reading (from the Here +) and a single external compass (from the 3DR ublock).

Now, with the Base GPS module, I am getting one of these status:

  • 3D FIX, when the base gps is NOT connected
  • 3D DGPS, when the base gps is connected and green

So as you can see, to have the base connected means 3D DGPS status. However… why I am not able to get RTK FIX? What is the difference between 3D DGPS and RTK FIX status?

Thanks in advance,


RTK fix is the real deal (2cm precision)
Everything else is not as good :slight_smile:

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so , you ment after getting RTK fix massage it means 2cm precision …

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Typicaly yes, if the base station is close enough. If not it degrades aprox 1 cm per 10Km distance to the base station.
Just google RTK GPS and you will get lots more information.

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did you solved the issue?

I’m having same problem
I waited 4 hours and can’t get in to RTK lock

me neither… looking for some info

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