360 degree camera for quad copter

hey there!, in my pet project i was wandering to attach a 360 degree camera to my quad copter. Can anyone guide me which camera will be suitable and how to attach to drone.
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi @muhammad.11072
One of the best and suitable 360 cam for drones is “GoPro Fusion”.
And a cheaper option is “Insta360 One”

You can print this 3D model to mount gopro camera to your drone

Another option is :

My advice is to use first one because its very better in removing jello effects.

Thanks alot for your response. Tha thing is that i dont want to use gimble or something moving with camera. I actually want to use a 360 degree camera like “insta 360 pro” or something alike.
Any suggestions for that please
Thanks again☺

AFAIK, that cam costs a fortune.
What is your setup to carry THAT ?
Please post some photos of your quad copter.
To attach it to the drone ,https://discuss.ardupilot.org/u/hosein_gh had a good explanation…!