360 Avoidance using multiple CygBot Lidars

what kind of vehicle are you wanting to use the radar on? from what I have found, radars are best used when there is nothing around. so things like aircraft or boats where there is usually nothing but air or water around you. with ground rovers its really hard to eliminate ground reflections so data becomes unreliable.

We would like to use real estate inspection with the copter. So everything that is roof, wall should be avoided. We need a solution that is reliable in daylight and covers 360 degrees. What can we use here?

Radar would not have been my first choice for that. The issue is that the radar will only see things that reflect radar, so it would just fly into plastic tarpaulin or mesh as it’s invisible to radar.

What would be your first choice to solve this problem?

You could still use radar but have lidar sensors as backup, but a 360 TOF lidar would probably be a better option.

Yes, I considered 360 TOF lidars first and then discarded them because A2M12 is too susceptible to interference and is not waterproof. Preferably I would like to use S2M1, but I have not dared to the driver development, because it is 2 number too big for my knowledge ;(

It’s not that difficult, I converted a 360 lidar to mavlink the other day you just need to get the angle and distance then scale it and send it.

Could I do the same with the S2M1 RPLIDAR S2 360 degree DTOF Lidar 30 meters Amazon.de

You just need to find an arduino library for it that gives you angle and distance values.

Yes now that you mention it. That is a good idea. I’ll run right out and look for it.

you would just need to replace

Dist = (packet.distances[0]/10); with whatever parameter the library you find spits out for distance then scale it to cm.

lidarAngle = packet.angle_quad;
messageAngle = map(lidarAngle, 0, 89, 0, 72);

Replace packet.angle_quad; with whatever your library calls angle.

The lidar im using only has 90 x 4 degree faces and the mavlink interface only supports 72 so we map that to get it to line up. your lidar probably puts out 360 degrees so replace the 89 with 359 to map it.

I can manage that. I can program simple things if I have an example. Unfortunately there are no Ardurino libraries for RPLIDAR S2 360 degrees DTOF Lidar. ;(

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@ppoirier I had totally forgot that you had these 3d lidars working. im currently trying to make a much cheaper version using vl53l5cx lidars, they are basically the same as the cygbot but its a 63 degree wide 8x8 lidar array with a range of 4m. im going to try and get one working as a mavlink proximity sensor then il try and add more to get full coverage like a 3D POC. They are i2c so adding more shouldnt be an issue. The problem with these sensors is they don’t have any firmware onboard and you have to load it at boot so it takes a large chunk of memory to run them so for that reason i don’t think they can ever be directly integrated into ardupilot.


do you have any example code for sending a 3d mavlink packet from arduino all I can find is stuff for python.

That sounds interesting. If they are not so susceptible to sunlight, then I would immediately support your plan. Yes I have a sample code on my dev laptop. I will send it to you tomorrow later today.

If you have more than one I2C consumer, the communication in the Ardupilot will not be stable. I have with the TF-Minis to the end ausporpiert in vain.

Do you have more information about these sensors?

oh sorry 3d mavlink i don’t have unfortunately. I have read over the 3d. I will now also order these sensors and, then we try to implement a POC with it.

I dont think they would be suitable for your use, they are quite short range.

yes, these sensors have a short range and are not necessarily the first choice for our application. But I find these sensors very innovative. and who knows maybe the next ones with 10 or 12 meters come on the market.

Hello Michael, @michael4
I’m trying to do what you’re doing.
I want to connect 3 or 4 MR72 Sensors to Ardupilot. I have both Mr72 with serial and can protocol.

Can I ask about the update on your project and what would be the best way to solve this problem?

I have stopped the project for the time being, because according to the forum members it is not necessarily the right sensor.

I checked other sensors, what is your suggestion for other options?