350 logged CAM messages, only 332pictures. - how to tag them

I have a .BIN (and .log) that logged 350 CAM messages.
The camera, took 232 picures (most likely some where too quick) - the images does contain GPS data, but the poor camera GPS had no chance so close to a steep mountain, giving bad data.

Both Pixhawk and camera time is set by GPS.

How can I apply CAM position/altitude to all pictures with the same time-stamp ?

“Geo Ref Images” says this in “time offset mode”: (seconds offset is autodetected to 7684)

Reading log for GPS-ATT Messages
Read images
Images read :332
(and photos are found with 0ms away , only 1 photo was 200ms away)

and this in CAM Message Synchro" mode
Using AMSL Altitude True
Reading log for GPS Messages in order to get AMSL Altitude
Log Read for GPS Messages
Reading log for CAM Messages
Log Read with - 350 - CAM Messages found
Read images
Images read : 332
CAM Msgs and Files discrepancy. Check it! Aborting…

So I am able to apply Pixhawk’s GPS data using seconds offset method only - does anyone know if this method successfully omitted the missing photos, or did I get a skewed result ?

you will need to use the time offset based method. as MP cant work out the link otherwise, since you are missing 20 photos.

Could you please explain use of “CAM message offsets” and “GPS message offsets” ?
I am able to sync using "Time offset"
All the offsets default to some strange numbers, so I need to zero out everything. (?)
but how/when would any of these offsets be used ?

The suggested time offset is just wrong.
It appears to think pictures were taken long before first waypoint.
Is it possible to base it’s offset on date/time of first picture compared to first CAM message ? (or do I need to calculate it manually ?)

Could you please “estimate time offset”, based on CAM messages, not GPS messages ?