3 sets of IMU working for Pixhawk 6X?

Hi everyone,

Is there anyway to check or verify if all 3 sets of IMUs on the pixhawk 6X are used in the attitude calculations as well as the redundancy in place?

On bootup, I only can see message on IMU 0 and IMU 1 but nothing on IMU2?

However, looking at the parameters, I can see all 3 IMUs are enabled and they also appeared in the HWID page.

Thanks all!

EK3_IMU_MASK needs to be checked for 3 IMUs.

I don’t think the ins use parameters are even working on the latest firmware. Use the Ek3 parameter as suggested

@Axel1 , @Mallikarjun_SE ,

Thanks both for pointing me at the right direction, I got it now!