3 Axis Gimbals via Pixhawk

Hi Everyone,
I have recently joined and I have been building a Rover. I wanted to put a 3 axis Gimbal on the Rover that I could control with Point Camera Here in MP, or some other method that I could use as I drove. BTW I am using telemetry more that 2.4GHz, as I am doing this over distances not achievable with a radio.
The issue is that I decided on the Feiyu Tech Mini 3d pro due to it’s size, build quality and video out function. Unfortunately it is no longer available as it has been discontinued. I then looked at the Tarot T4 3d for the same reasons as above and I have run into the same problem, discontinued…
My question is what is out there that is able to be controlled via pixhawk, has similar build quality to those mentioned above and preferably has a video output option as well?
Thanks for any help…
P.S. I am also looking to do CHDK and I know that was not achievable with the other I mentioned above.