3.91 Crash Mini Talon circled into ground

I am not shure what happened.
My mini Talon circled into ground. Total loss of control. Mixed with failsafe, which triggered short time after weird behavior.
In my opinion there was a mechanical issue, but the plane chrashed so hard that there is not much to look at.
It´s a V-Tail plane. Thinking that one of the V-Tail surfaces (Ch4,Ch5) stuck.
Maybe someone can take a look at the log and give me a hint?
There was no crash detection, also.
I am planing to build a new one with most of the old hardware…


I see a sudden voltage sag in the log. Would you please check your main ESC to see whether it has burned out?

Many thanks, that was the right tip!
The connection between the voltage sensor and the ESC was dropped.
The log of the ESC (Castle link) shows that at the time of the weird behavior, the logging ends with low voltage.
ESC seems to be OK.
For the rebuild I would solder the connection directly, or better use also a seperate BEC.