3.8.3 CAM_TRIGG_DIST Minimum Cycle Time

Currently working with Pixhawk 2.1, Plane 3.8.3, Mission Planner 1.3.52, and the Seagull REC.

I have the camera gimbal menu set up to use a 1/10 second duration for the shutter, with 1500us “not pressed” and 1800us “pressed” values. The idea is to manually wake up the camera and send it into neutral with waypoint commands, then use CAM_TRIGG_DIST to trigger the camera at spatial intervals, retaining focus between shots. The behavior is supposed to be just like the manual button (partial press focus, full press shutter) as shown in this video:

When testing, however, using Mission Planner actions menu “Trigger camera NOW”, the seagull REC lights up for a full second before cycling and allowing another capture. This contradicts the 1/10 second shutter duration set in the camera gimbal menu . . . I’m not sure what properties of CAM_TRIGG_DIST carry over to “Trigger camera NOW” menu item.

My question is this: is the cycle time of CAM_TRIGG_DIST and/or the function underlying “Trigger camera NOW” hard limited to a minimum of 1 second cycle time? I require ~1/2 second capture cycling.

My original problem was using AF-T of the same trigger adapter, and seeing a hard limit of one capture per second (due to 1 second pre-AF, and that IS-T requires a full second of trigger duration [why, though?]). My adaptation of the manual mode was an attempt to circumvent that mode’s limit, but I seem to have hit another.

I also notice that DO_REPEAT_SERVO has a hard minimum cycle time of 1 second (this seems arbitrary? Any way to circumvent this?). This is why I suspect such a limitation in CAM_TRIGG_DIST.

Hoping someone has had to push the capture-frequency envelope as I have.

Thank you!