3.8.0 stable, horizon upside down now!

Just recently upgraded to 3.8.0 stable from beta 6 after doing a accel, and compass calibration the horizon is upside down. I have not changed anything on the platform from beta 6 to stable version, all compasses and gps are pointing the same way as the pixhawk and as they were on beta 6. Is this a bug in the new stable release or am I just missing something here. I can change the orientation and make it correct but it should need no correction.

can you post a DF log of a previous setup with beta6 and with 3.8.0 so I can compare?
Nothing has changed that should affect this.

I was eventually able to get 3.8.0 stable to show up right. I had to install rover on it then reboot, and install 3.8.0 on it, then enable quad support and install my firmware from beta 6 on and it was all good, but if you just try and install your firmware without first setting quad enabled it will make it go upside down again, those are just the observations that I had noticed. I will try and find a DF from beta 6 and will put my stable df up as well, not sure if I kept the beta 6 anymore, had way to many param files had to clean them up a bit.