3/6 motor spin on arming


just loaded the new release, and it looks like I only have 3 motors spinning when arming my 3DR hexa (the 3 in front). As it turns out, when in the air, the copter doesn’t stay stable and wants to go backward…
All calibrations have been made, ESC included, so I’m wondering if that is something that I can fix with some APM parameters (although I doubt), or if it could be a problem with the equipment…?
I might try to recalibrate my ESCs but have already done it several times…

try increasing MOT_SPIN_ARMED to 100 or 110. default could be to low

Thanks for the tip, will try asap. But why only 3 motors out of 6 ? same ESCs, same 3DR motors (although some new are black, some older are orange)… I would suspect it should affect all of them or none…?

You can try an collective ESC calibration. In this mode all motors are controlled identically and should spin almost at the same speed when at the end of the calibration the throttle is moved up slowly (before leaving the calibration mode).

When you can’t do this calibration, activate the Motors log in the APM. You can then check if all motors are controlled with the same value. If not, it’s a APM thing. If the control isthe same, it’s a motor/esc thing.

very useful - things to check now.
Tx a lot