3.6, Elevons - Mixing_Gain/Mixing_Offset, Can't get proper throw

Something changed in 3.6. When I setup a plane using my same parameters from 3.5 I don’t get enough elevon throw when I pitch and roll the airplane. The TX response is fine. Just the autopilot response is too soft. I have Mixing_Gain set to 1.2 (the max) and it’s still too soft. I can set Mixing_Offset to 1000, or -1000 and get good aileron throw or good elevator throw, just not both.

Reverted back to 3.5 and elevon throw is good.

Can post your param file so someone can try and reproduce and diagnose this?

Thanks for the reply. I down graded to 3.5 then re-upgraded to 3.6 and it works now. Sorry for the false alarm. Will fly and update.

Flying wing with elevon mixing flew perfect with 3.6. Thanks for the great release!

There was a problem with the log. Mission Planner Control - F Geotagger would not read it. Starting a new thread.