3.6 dataflash logs type 3

Do you have sysid_enforce set?

If you mean GCS sysid enforcement, it is not set.

Will double check tomorrow.

if the message is exaclty “Bad Logging” it is coming from Frsky passthru and won’t hurt anything. “Logging Failed” is different, and so is the “IO Thread Heartbeat” message. I’m looking at all of these right now. I do not think any of them are because the sd card is too slow.

I don’t have any FrSky passtrough configured. My bad logging comes everytime i enable backend 2 or 3.

Dataflash on SD is fine.

I do have the same problem on a Solo running AC 3.6.2 NuttX.

  • Backend type 3 provokes logging failed.
  • Backend type 1 works

It never occurred with AC 3.5 and earlier.
On another Solo with 3.6.2 running ChibiOS with otherwise same parameters settings Backend type 3 works fine.
As I was told, it may have something to do with slow loops related to the Nuttx code.

I am running ChibiOS 3.6 RC12.

Soon i’ll update to latest stable and see if anything changes

Is there any news on this?

Still at a loss with latest AC stable 3.6.3


Is there anything else i can do to have dataflash log on my companion? Is it a bug or i am missing something?

As I’m working on a similar issue, I have a question. Do you want to stream dataflash log on the fly (real-time) or do you want to download it after flight. The solution I worked out is for the second case.

I would like to have logs written both on SD and on companion computer at the same time during flight, as it should do selecting Type 3.

have you solve this problem?

No, it still stops working as soon as i enable mavlink on my basecam gimbal controller.

By the way, the docs say that the two methods record very similar data but in different ways。
So why do you want the .bin log in the SD card?

ooooo. I need to get the SD card dataflash now!! Can you help me?

Do you have the second solution ? I really need it. I would really appreciate it if can help me.

I download automatically the dataflash logs on post flight procedure because they have log information unavailable in tlogs once telemetry link is lost.
Here is a script that I use on post flight procedure. It’s a simple module that downloads all dataflash logs once it initializes. Not a pretty solution but does the job for me. Hopes this helps in your case.mavproxy_storelogs.py.zip (896 Bytes)

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