3.6.9 What happened to the helicopter firmware?

I had no problem uploading the firmware when using 3.6.8.

But uploading 3.6.9 caused a big problem.

If you upload 3.6.9 helicopter firmware first, it recognizes as quad, not Heli.

I change the frame type to heli type, then reboot FC and reconnect.

This will correctly recognize the heli, but no buttons will be active in the heli settings window.
The parameters are not loaded properly.

I have not experienced this problem so far.
Is there anything that has changed since I did not check the forum?

I would suspect you have the wrong firmware in the controller. Do not use that heli setup in Mission Planner. It is broken and does not work - does not even display the throttle curve settings. Only QGroundControl has a working heli setup page.

I had requested to have that heli setup in Mission Planner removed or fixed over a year ago. But it is ignored: