3.5rc1 strange behavior on the bench

I just upgraded from 3.4.2 to 3.5rc1 on a power catamaran. I’m seeing a little bit of questionable behavior. There will be a link to a short log at the end of this. If I put the boat in auto with no waypoints stored, initially it just sits quite but after about 5 seconds the motors turn on. Mission Planner states I am in Auto, instead of Hold with no waypoints stored. I have repeated this over and over and it should be in the log. Other problem which is less frequent and not in this attached log, I have it in some others, is when going from Manual to Steering the motors sometime run for a period of time for no reason. This is all inside and not out on the water.

I’m actually wondering if it is in Auto with no waypoints, is it just trying to Loiter within the waypoint radius because it has nothing to do.

This gets stranger and stranger. For some reason I don’t get data from my .bin that I can read on Mission Planner.

I get a .bin but cannot graph anything. My Tlog did in fact prove my previous statement about the motors coming on for no reason in Steering and Auto. I’m going to re flash 3.4.2 for now because I have work for the boat this weekend and Tuesday and cannot take a chance on it not working properly. :frowning:

O.K… I figured out my graphing problem. I had show time checked on Mission Planner. My bad. But still had strange motor outputs for no reason. I am back on 3.4.2 with no problems. After I get my work done I may give it another try when I don’t have any pressure on me for the boat to perform.

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Yup, it’s a bug! I’ve recreated the issue and created a PR to fix the issue. This will go out with -rc2.

In short the issue was that we weren’t checking the number of commands in the mission properly.

Thanks for giving 3.5.0 a try and finding this bug!