3.5-rc6 breaks EKF3 with AsteRx-m UAS

Octo, U5’s w/15" props
Septentrio AsteRx-m UAS
SF11 Altimeter
RFD900 micro

I have been using and tuning on 3.5-rc4 with good success.
Updated to rc5 when it was released but by the time I was ready to do the yaw autotune rc6 was out, so I updated.
Now I had EKF3 turned on and being used by AHRS, although I still had EKF2 on but not used while setting up and autotuning under rc4.
When I attempted to fly the octo with rc6 I started getting strange errors, ‘gyros still settling’ and ‘EKF3 waiting for GPS config data’, neither of which I had seen before.

Going into the parameters I found EKF3 had been turned off???
So both EKF2 & EKF3 were both off.
I can only put it down to the firmware update to 3.5-rc5 or 6, as I had made no changes to parameters.
I had updated Mission Planner though when I did the rc5 update.

When I turned EKF3 back on it did stop the ‘gyros still settling’ messages but I still had the ‘EKF3 waiting for GPS config data’ messages which prevented arming.
No adjustment of parameters would get rid of this message.
I am using the Septentrio board config’ed for SBF.

Once I disabled EKF3 and switched back to EKF2 all was well and I completed the yaw tune without incident.
In fact the tune went very well, did the yaw while tuning a couple of times but held position to within 5m while tuning, most of the time moving no more than 1 to 2m.

So what I am seeing is an inability to use EKF3 with the SBF from the AsteRx-m UAS.
Link to logs is below and if you need further tests and logs just ask.

Logs Here

So my questions is : Is EKF3 supposed to work? with Septentrio SBF?

@mboland I haven’t been flying EKF3 at all, but I have been flying EKF2 on master with SBF without an incident (but it sounds like that works for you already). The link to the logs you posted is a 403 forbidden error for me. Can you repost them somewhere they can be accessed?

Thanks @WickedShell I have corrected the link in the original post

I just read another post of the same error of “Gyro’s still settling” in RC8 here

Have any Dev’s looked at this?
I thought the new EKF3 was important?
It won’t get tested if it doesn’t work.