3.5 install issue

I have two machines with Pixhawk PX4 controllers. Neither would install 3.5, getting a message that the board could not be recognised. I tried several times with the same result. I was however, able to install 3.5 by clicking on the Force Bootloader option.
I’ve not encountered this with previous versions, so I assume that this is a bug. Could you please look at this for me/us?
Thanks in advance.

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Can you give more information on your setup, specifically what GCS you are using where you click on “Force Bootloader” and what kind of Pixhawks (first time firmware install?)you are using?

Hi OliverB, the GCS is Mission Planner 1.3.49. Machine 1: Quad; Pixhawk PX4 2.4.6; and firmware 3.4 (first time instal) Machine 2: Hexa; Pixhawk PX4 2.4.5; firmware 3.4 (first used as a quad, had several firmware upgrades over the last 18 months)

Phil, thanks for the info. I am not completely sure, but for the new one (2.4.6) I suspect an intial flash issue with the particular manufacturer you got the board from, incorrect or corrupt bootloader. For the second one I am at a loss since you’ve used it for a while, best I can say is bootloader got corrupted somehow, maybe there bee a hardware issue with the sd card.

In any case I wouldn’t worry about it if you got 3.5. successfully installed, as I am not aware of any similar user issues with 3.5. If there are or if you are aware best would be for you or I to open an issue on GitHub.

Oliver, interesting suggestions. I would be very suprised if both PX4’s have corrupt bootloaders; pretty low probability I should think. As for flash issues with the boards; yes, that is certainly a possibility of this being the root problem. If there are SD card problems, wouldn’t the system report this? I seem vaguely to remember that when I booted the PX4 2.4.6, the system reported ‘Missing SD card’.

It may be best to let this thread run for a while, to see if any other users report this issue, before opening an issue on GitHub. What do you think?

I haven’t yet flown either machine since the upgrades. However, all appears well in Mission Planner, indeed bench testing indicates that the behaviour is Ok. I shall probably get them to the field over the weekend for thorough testing. I’ll report on this when done.

Thank you for your suggestions.

I have just had the same problem when installing FW 3.5.1. Again had to use ‘Force PX4 Bootloader’ in Mission Planner. When the next revision comes, I’ll try using QGround Control.

Pixhawk1 v2. 4.7 has same problem using Ardupilot firmwares but works perfectly using PX4.

Force bootloader in MP solve this problem in MP?