3.5.3 can't arm because of compass

Hi, I’m set up my new MTD with Pixhack and M8N GPS / compass. As it refuse to arm, I check the ARM Require items one by one and found out that the problem come from compass. I’ve done live calibration and all went well with small number off set. It also show correct heading in the map and No EKF 2 issue. I do not see any problem with my compass but why it refuse to arm ? I can skip compass and let it arm but I don’t think it’s a good idea. Anyone have encounter similar issue with the latest firmware ? All parameter is default

What’s the message in MP? It should return a reason why it won’t arm.

Compasses inconsistent. I disable the second compass and it back to normal.

yes. just do disable the internal Compass by mission Planner (you have to have the latest version). the internal is the second Compass