3.5.0-rc8 "FlipOver" during TakeOff

2017-07-02 11-30-53.tlog (424.5 KB)

Hello, I am new to this forum, but have pixhawk in use for some years now in several UAV`S, so no newbie.

Yesterday, we had a crash with a brandnew pixhawk 2.1 in a X8 Frame with DJI E1200pro Motors.

I hope you logfile specialists can help us. After more than 15 normal flights, the UAV flipped over during take off.

I armed the copter and directly after arming, the motors began to run at high throttle and the copter flipped over in flight direction.

Attached, also the .logfile of this Crash.

Does anybody please have an idea what happened?

Thanks for any help!


Hi. in .tlog file You use Frame: OCTA_QUAD

X8 Frame use Octa
The icons of Frame Class in the program Mission Planner are the same. I suggest that we advise them to correct the information so that it is the correct choice.
Frame: Octa Quad

and Test Motor again

Hi anuchit_darat, thank you so much for your answer.
Also for my understanding the symbol for OctaQuad in “Frame Class” should be the same as under “Frame Type” with X-Quad coax.

I am not quite sure, if I did understand you correctly with “[…] X8 Frame use Octa”.
You say, we have choosen the wrong Frame Class with Octa_Quad and should use Octa instead?
The machine already did some 15 flights…so not quite sure about that…
We have choosen Frame Class OctaQuad, identical to our Frame (X form with coax).
Can you explain a little bit in detail, please?
When selecting the Frame type with wizard in Mission planner the Symbol for X8 is not correct ?

Just to avoid a misunderstanding… this is the Frame construction.

nobody here, who has knowledge to check our log file? We do need help to understand the reason for this crash. Any help is welcome!

Perhaps adding the vehicle log (bin file) would be better to understand what happened

Hi Luis,
attached the log (bin file). I hope that will help solving the Problem. Thanks in advance!!!

I attached the last two logs …the last one is the Crash.
two BIN files

stil nobody able to help us to find out, why our System flipped and crashed?
Any help is more than welcome. We do fly very expensive camera Systems and cant risk this now anymore with that configuration.

In your log it is clear that you inserted a maximum pitch command as soon as the drone wanted to take off. Can you explain why did you do that?
check these: ATT.pitch and CIN.C2

Hey. Did you see the above post?

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