3.4rc3 mission Chute params?

These are no longer in the full params list:

CHUTE_TYPE = “10” to release with a servo
CHUTE_SERVO_ON should be set to the servo position required to release the parachute
CHUTE_SERVO_OFF should be the “resting” servo position. I.e. the position the servo is in before

Crazy town. Not there… Checked a unit with rc2 installed, params there. Checked the unit with rc3 again, now they’re there!!! That is so weird. Solved kinda.

I don’t think you’re crazy. instead what you’re seeing is the slightly controversial hidden parameter feature. There’s a lively discussion about if/when we should use this feature.
Anyway, to explain the feature, there are some _ENABLE parameters, that, after you set them to “1” you need to do a parameter refresh for the rest of the parameters to be visible.
The idea behind this feature is to hide some of the lesser known parameter to speed up the initial load of parameters and to reduce confusion.

I’m going to close this discussion if that’s ok. I think you can still reply even if I do that but I’m slightly unsure.