3.4-rc7 copter arm via mavlink even with RC turned off (unconfirmed)


Update this morning from rc6 to rc7 and fly goes well with quad + pixhawk + px4flow + terraranger.

What I saw that could be dangerous is that the copter arm via mavlink even with RC turned off !
That was not the case with previous version.

I’ve also have problems with guided mode from companion computer but as I’m experimenting it, it is probably not due to the code.

Please check that your ARMING_CHECK parameter indicates RC checks should be performed.

Yes it is the case.
What is strange is that yesterday I don’t see message “FCU: PreArm: Throttle below Failsafe” in mavros console. But today they are.
I’ll share the log of yesterday.

No problem today, and I don’t find it in the log of yesterday. Only log after arming.
Yesterday GPS arming check was disable but not RC and I think I was connected to QGroundControl and via mavros via serial port.

Today with GPS arming checked and just the companion computer it doesn’t arm if RC was off.

If you find this again please report it and try to fully document it with logs (with LOG_DISARMED enabled). I checked the code and couldn’t find any bug but it’s always possible I missed something.