3.4 on 3dr Solo - help

Hello, are there any instruction available that can help install AC3.4 on SOLO?

Were you ever able to make copter 3.4 work on your solo?

nope, are you working on something similar?

Yea, I have written a new flight mode which is working in SITL and I was ready to upload the firmware to Solo. However, after compiling and uploading to solo it was not recognized. I.e. the controller no longer speaks to solo. Then I tried to compile ArduCopter from the source and upload it and still the same issue.

I know it should work because https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WeOl7BficG0 demonstrates it working. I also know that this demonstration is also running on master: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PURlcAu6MEk.

So it seems like we are missing some key component to get it to work.

please keep me in the loop, if you get the controller working. That’s the issue I had too.

So after much tinkering and frustration, I have given up trying to get ArduCopter Master working on Solo.

However, I was able to get pseudo alternative of master working. I found a git repository on 3DR named ardupilot-solo-rebase. It seems that there was a group of people on either diydrones.com or 3drpilots.com trying to get solo running on master. This is their attempt-to-date but I think development has stalled and no one has worked on the project for several months. Be aware that there is some risk of burning ESC’s while running master; it seems that 3DR has hard-codded a fix on their own firmware. see: http://3drpilots.com/threads/running-solo-on-master.9033/#post-96257.

The other alternative is to order the “green” pixhawk2.1 and install ardupilot master on that. But I think it is still in preproduction. The last reply on the thread above mentions it. You will have to get more information about it from the solo facebook group. (The green ph2 is a modified ph2 designed to work with solo and is able to run ardupilot master).

Good Luck!

That Git repository is from 3DR, not from a group of people trying to port master to Solo. 3DR tried to do it but they were having timing issues and had to abandon that project. Please don’t run that in your Solo, there’s a big chance it will crash!

Do you have an alternative way I can run Master on Solo?

No, not at this time.