3.4.6 mavlink_msg_id_mount_status bad crc

I have a problem with px4&alexmos mount&copter 3.4.6.
I connected alexmos(simplebgc to the pixhawk via telem1 or telem2 and configured necessary parameters).
In addition I added in code AP_MOUNT_ALEXMOS.CPP hal.console information to check information about mount angles and it works -> I see good values of angles.
void AP_Mount_Alexmos::status_msg(mavlink_channel_t chan)
if (!_initialised) {

mavlink_msg_mount_status_send(chan, 0, 0, _current_angle.y*100, _current_angle.x*100, _current_angle.z*100);

hal.console->printf("Alexmos status %f, %f, %f\n", _current_angle.y*100, _current_angle.x*100, _current_angle.z*100 );

But when I connect with GCS (misssion planner, qgroundcontrol or my own) I dont get mount_status information. I tried debugging and it looks like problem with mavlink_msg_mount_status_send etc.
On GCS site during MAVLINK_MSG_ID_MOUNT_STATUS message parsing it stops after getting payload and the parsing state changes to MAVLINK_PARSE_STATE_GOT_BAD_CRC1. -> so I can not receive mount_status message.
All other messages are received.
Any ideas? Did someone have the same issue?