3.3 ignore the Waypoints in Auto-Mode?


i have a prob! My PixHawk4 with 3.3 dont use my Waypoints!

I begin to fly, i activate RTL and all OK! It circles obove my head :smiley:

But if i switch to Auto_mode, it flys away (18:35 in the logfile)! Only two ways come it back: manual or RTL!

Here my Params and my log:

Plane FPV2000 from Hobbyking. ps: whats the .rlog-File?

Ok, problem can be marked as SOLVED!

I had lost my Plane because it stwiched to Automode and flies out of Range!


Interesting, no reply for this problem?

You ask it marked as solved as you lost the plane then wonder why thereโ€™s no replies.