3.3 Flight modes not working?

Updated to 3.3 and now my flight modes don’t seem to work. I calibrated the accelerometers and compass. when the AC is on the ground and not armed it will go through the flight mode, when flying it wont go into loiter.

8 plus sats
comm link is within 30 feet.

Went back to 3.2.1 and the issue is no longer present.

Version 3.3 has more checks than 3.2.1 for flight modes. If the flight mode is not available you should here two beeps when that mode is selected. Just having 8 sats is not enough.


Have any flight logs?

Building a new quad so all my flight logs are gone. Once I get this one up and running well see how it goes.

is there anyway to change the amount of sats the pixhawk has so it will attempt loiter? a concern of mine would be I lose the required satellites while in loiter would it just kick into stabilized?