3.3 and STorM32 mavlink

I have a few questions about the mavlink control of the STorM32 gimbal controller through a Pixhawk. I want to be able to complete missions using the automatic triggering of the camera for mapping. It is also important to be able to shoot manually for filming.

I have a NEX5n controlled with an infrared LED connected to the STorM32 board. When I use RC channel pass through I am able to control both video and still capture. Will the mavlink be able to do this?

Is it possible to do this if I don’t use the mavlink and connect it through servo outputs?

I have been building a Y6 with the storm32 controller. I have not used the rc interface yet but went directly to mavlink, and have been having some success and some trouble. My shutter control is direct from pixhawk and works fine now, so not an issue. I have confirmed that I have a mavlink connection as Mission planner loads the storm 32 parameters, and I am able to change the parameters thru mission planner. (not that I would do this as I don’t think this is intended)

My problem is that I cannot seem to get control of the gimble tilt. I have been researching but not much info is available. From what I see so far the storm32 levels just fine and responds to changes in the settings thru the GUI, and my rc commands to use ch6 and the tuning knob show the correct response in the config tab, but still no rc control over the tilt.

The pixhawk parameters are all set as the wicki(s) state, the messages just not getting thru.

Sorry if my trouble is not directly associated with your question. From what I have read in 3.3r5 only the tilt control was programmed for use thru mavlink, (no joy for me yet). See Randy’s initial release notes for 3.3. But the promise of future functionality has been stated several times.

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I have also connected my storm32 via mavlink to pixhawk and the opposite problem.

Let us exchange settings:
Roll and Tilt via mavlink to storm32:
FW: 0.90
Setup mavlink connection.
[ul][li]open o323BGCTool_v090[/li][/ul]
[li]open o323BG Expert Tool [/list]
[*]Set Mavlink Configuration to: emit heartbeat[/list]

FW: 3.3.3
Setup connected serial port (I user serial 4):
[ul][*]SERIAL4_BAUD = 115[/li]
[li]SERIAL4_PROTOCOL = 1[/li]
[li]MNT_TYPE = 4[/li][/ul]
Mount input channel to Mavlink function:
[ul][li]MNT_RC_IN_TILT = 9 for RC channel 9[/li]
[li]MNT_RC_IN_ROLL = 10 for RC channel 10[/li][/ul]

With these setting I can control roll and tilt, but I have no idea how to activate camera trigger via e.g. RC11

Automatic camera trigger should work with Pixhawk FW. 3.3.3

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I am unable to get Tilt to work too. I can see the Mavlink heartbeat and I can run a Python script which will move the gimbal. Despite that, setting Tilt to RC6 in MissionPlanner does not move the gimbal. I am set to Mavlink targeting.