3.3.3 refused RTL after guided mode (initiated by follow me)?

Arducopter 3.3.3
Mission Planner: 1.3.38
If you look at the log (and map) from thebin file, here is a strange sequence of events:

  • Takeoff in loiter: Ok.
  • Initiate follow me {CTRL} {F} instantiate guided mode: Ok

Then wanted to RTL (from transmitter): just went up to 150 metres!! without going back to launch position!? :astonished:

  • Initiating land from transmitter: Ok
  • Pushing the aircraft away a bit to avoid landing on my head: ok

Thank you in advance for analyzing the bin file.

As an image is worth 1000 words, this illustrate the RTL refusal and jump in the stratosphere :sweat_smile:

I don’t see an RTL refusal anywhere on that picture…I do see a mode change to RTL however. Have you checked to see what your RTL_ALT is set to? You might be surprised to see it set to the final altitude it ascended to when you set it.

EDIT: Also, I don’t see where you’ve posted the bin file.

@BigTulsa: RTL_ALT set to 0. So it should return at current altitude? no?
I did cancel the RTL and started LAND as
it did not make sense.

Without starting guided mode, instantiated by follow me, RTL worked fine at current altitude.

.BIN file refuse to upload stop at 30%?
.ZIP stop at 61%? Must be really small upload only? (.ZIP is 1.56 Mb)

You have to upload to some service (Dropbox, Google Drive, Onedrive, etc.) and post the link here.

Yes, zero should make it return at current altitude, but not sure how that works out in guided mode.

Never understood why anyone would set that to zero. The whole point of RTL is to return the vehicle home safely especially if there was a failsafe. What if you have a stand of trees in between that location and home? You’ll be flying right into it. I usually keep mine at about 125 feet to be safe.

Exactly my point: Guided mode initiated by follow me is doing something very wrong! Perhaps trying to find altitude zero and going up to find it? (Just guessing).

RTL @ current altitude is very useful:

  • Taking photos of a bridge’s arches (RTL @ current altitude you won’t hit the bridge while going up)

  • Looking at high voltage electric poles rust level: RTL @ current altitude will avoid that your aircraft hit the power lines!!

  • And so many other applications… Each situation or “mission” is different.:wink:

the aircraft will always climb up after the RTL is intiated. this will first climb to RTL height. Not coming to home may be because of waypoint radius parameter. please make it 2+ meters. if it is ‘0’ it will not move to next waypoint or Home.

@novaent ravi
If you refer to the posted screen grab at the beginning of the thread, RTL_ALT is zero. Will check waypoint radius. My point was that it started to go {somewhere} but I had to interrupt and change to land as the aircraft was more than 150 metres high!


Radius parameter checked: 2 meters.
I believe it was trying to go back home, only at a wrong altitude…

This happens only after “follow me” or after starting “moving base” The two sub functions seems to “plug” the absolute altitude in the relative one used by RTL.

I wish someone could explain this.