3.3.1 OSD and telemetry conflict

Hi There
I just upgraded the firmware to 3.3.1 and beside all the new tones I noticed that when the OSD and telemetry are connected (mission planner, tower or droidplanner) there are some funny behavours.
If only the OSD is connected when I change the flight modes from the remote, the modes change accordingly on the OSD screen. If both the telemetry and the OSD are connected, no matter if I change the mode form the remote or the GS, the mode on the OSD screen blink between STAB and the new selected mode.
I am now concerned to go and test it on the field as I am not sure in which mode the copter is.
Attached is a link to a small video and the issue replicate itself every time.
With the previous firmware 3.2 everything was working smoothly.
Has anyone experienced this or is someone able to explain what’s happening?
Thanks for the help
dropbox.com/s/4o6e1kvu28ok4 … m.mp4?dl=0
dropbox.com/s/pfpnf2tbmofn9 … m.mp4?dl=0

Weird… Could you give more information about your setup ? Is it minimosd? which FW verison?

I have minimosd ( HK , mine from 3dr is fried ) with 3dr telemetry radio and everything is running fine.

How do you connect the minimosd to pixhawk? Only with rx connected?

How your serial parameters (sr0*) are setup?

Regarding the current mode your copter is , the only trustworthy method would be to arm the copter without the propellers on , change the modes and then, after, analyse the log. My two cent is that the modes should be OK.