3.2.1 - "Simple Mode" is checked, but isn't active

Newly built F550 frame, Taranis X9D, Pixhawk, v3.2.1.

I have “simple mode” checked next to all the flight modes in Mission Planner. But when I go flying, simple mode is not active. I do have a solid GPS lock.

(I have “super simple” assigned to the channel 8 option…if I flick that switch, super simple is invoked.)


Why isn’t simple mode working? I have tried to “write” several times, and the write appears successful.


"The Ch7/Ch8 switch position will be override the simple/super-simple options selected on the Flight Modes screen."
From the below link,
copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/flying … imple_mode

So, if you disable the ch8 assignment your simple mode will likely work as expected.

I also believe a three position switch will provide disable / simple / super-simple modes automatically when assigned to ch7 or 8 (see below).

“If Super Simple mode is selected then raising the switch high will enable Super Simple mode, low will disable it and if a 3-position switch is used the middle position will enable regular simple mode.”


OK…I had assumed that channel if 7/8 was OFF, then the flight mode would not be affected at all, that the check boxes in flight mode setup would be recognized…but you are saying that just because I have (in this case) the channel 8 option set to super simple, that Pixhawk ignores the simple / super-simple check boxes in the flight mode setup page.

OK…I will try your suggestion by selecting something else for channel 8, and I’ll also try to set up a 3-position switch for OFF/SIMPLE/SUPER-SIMPLE.