3.2.1 APM Hexa AutoTune bad pid's

I have problem with autotune. The whole process is progressing well but new PID’s are terrible.
I did autotune few times always in perfect weather. Hexa flies fine on my “pretty good” PID’s in all modes.

dji 30a opto
t-motor: 2216 900kv
10x4.5 props ( on 9.45 props autune works fine)

You’re not alone. I’d love to get some answers about the auto pids as well. I’ve found pretty much every time my p will perfectly match the i values. That seems a bit odd for two different hex mr’s, one a 680 and the other a heavy 960mm. This is with firmware 3.2 of course so Thought I’d try 3.3 beta as it does yaw as well. No more matching the P and I values. On my 680 the autotune worked great. The 960 was insane. P of .3 and .28 and I values of .93 and .78! That’s just crazy. That pretty much sums up the way it flys as well lol!