[3.1] Strange startup, disconnects and no arming possible

Hey all,

I just ran into some strange problem now.
After having everything set up fine, flying around and now back home playing with the APM Planner I suddenly can’t get it boot up like normal.

It somehow does boot up, but with weird LED signals and when I connect with the APM Planner it gets very slow on reading the params. After some seconds it even disconnects me.
Sometimes I’m fast enough to let all params load (slowly) and can look into the radio UI. but the UI movement when moving the sticks on the RC is reaaally slow/laggy then.
Looking at the flight data there’s no feedback of the gyro UI.

Trying the terminal I can still connect just fine and can also run the tests (baro, compass, compassmot with motors spinning fine, radio, …) without problems.

the startup LEDs (after some time it just stops the status LEDs):

Any idea? May the board be broken somehow? I can’t see anything obviously burnt or something…

The board is a Hobbyking MPNG/Multiwii Pro (“Crius v1”).

We really only deal with APM, PX4 or Pixhawk controllers here, so I recommend you try a different web site that supports those. :astonished:
Best Regards,

Oh, ok. Sorry :frowning:

Just for the sake of completeness:
Resetting the parameters to factory default did the trick. So there seems to be something in the code hanging on some configurations.
Anyway, as @gary states correctly, this may be MPNG/Crius related and not an issue with the APM code.