2nd pare of radios to GCS problem

I have my tracker setup and working. First was using one pare of telemetry radios and USB. That works with no problems. I need to get it working with a second pare of radios. I hooked it up and set a different Net ID. That sort of works but is very slow. Most of the time it takes so long getting parameters that it gets an error and dies. What am I doing wrong?

Pixhawk, two sets of V2 915 radios.


Even though the Ned ID’s are now different, the radios are still walking over each other’s frequencies.
They still both hear each other so to speak but they ignore the data that isn’t meant for them.

keeping the radio set that communicates between the aircraft & the ground station the same, try changing the some of the other parameters such as frequency range, hopping channels, air data rate. on the second set of radios.

I probably should have asked you what you are using the radios for before jumping into an answer.
More details might help.


My post was assuming that it was for a wireless tracker link on the ground.

I tried a few changes but it made little difference.

Air to Tracker: AirSpeed 48 Min Freq 905000 Max Freq 914000
Tracker to GS: AirSpeed 64 Min Freq 915000 Max Freq 928000

I also tried changing the number of channels and Duty Cycle but it made little difference. The best I could do is to get the Link Status up to a constant 25-26%. Without the 2nd radio it’s a solid 100%. As soon as I plug it in the dropped packet goes way up and quality drops.

I would like the see the exact setting from anyone who has make this work.

I am beginning to think I need a 433 link between Tracker and GS. I have a Dragon Link radio – will my DL transmitter work ok with a 433 3DR radios?


unless you have good physical separation between those, (like meters, in case of a plane) you will always sometimes end up with one transmitting , while the other is listening.
And even if one is transmitting on 910Mhz , the other listens to 920Mhz, the listening one will have a hard time, then the roles change many times per second…
go for 433 & 900 like you mentioned.

There needs to be much better documentation for the antenna tracker. The current documentation certainly implies that you can use two radio pares on the same frequency as long as the Net ID’s are different. If would have gone out and purchased tow pares of radios especially for the tracker I would be very unhappy.

I ordered a pare of 433 radios.


I believe replacing second pair of radios with Bluetooth link will solve your problems. Although blue tooth is limited in range it also works in 2.4 Ghz spectrum, your telemetry is on 900Mhz and you mentioned UHF dragon link for your RC control unless you have your FPV link on 2.4 Ghz you should be good to go.