2nd Compass Calibration Issues

Hello Everyone!

I am using a Pixhawk and an external GPS/Compass Unit and I come across the following problems:

  1. After calibrating both the internal and the external compass with the Onboard Calibration the orientation shown in the Flight Data panel was correct but it started rotating after a few seconds and ended up with an offset. The offset would get greater very slowly with time.

  2. The same thing happens with either the internal compass selected or unselected. The external compass is always selected as the primary one.

  3. The Flight Data panel responds to the internal one only no matter what the primary compass is selected. However it does show the error Compass Variance when I only move the external one.

  4. Live Calibration is not available

The GPS/Compass module I am using is GYGPSV5-NEO 7M M8N and I am only using the Compass (I have a separate chip for GPS) which is connected with an I2C connector (only the two middle ones).

Any ideas as to why this would happen and any comments on how to fix it? Also why does the flight data panel only responds to the internal one?

Thank you for your help!

How are you connecting the external compass? I2C? Then is the external GPS/Compass actually being powered?

Check your full parameter list to see the actual compass ID that is being used.
It could be that it is not using the compass you think it is.
The Internal and external have very different ID numbers.
And you need to reboot after each time you change compass parameters of course.

The whole unit is connected to UART to be powered and the compass is connected with I2C (only two middle wires)