2022 options for 3DR Iris plus Battery packs

Hello everyone ,
im trying to find any source in the EU for batteies for my good old workHorse Iris !

back in 2016-18 i found the Tattu 5100 10c but i was informed that this model is discontinued .

My batteries are starting to age , and i dont want to replace my iris i have tuned and setup over the years
too well

do you have any recommendations?

Hi Vagelis - I’m using a Turnigy “5.0, 20-30C” with good results. It’s a tight fit - one has to slightly angle it in to clear the foam padding on the rear sides of the compartment. (Obviously, it’s a 3S pack) GL & keep that Iris+ up!

this one ?

That appears to be it - although mine was spec’d at 20-30C. I removed the XT-90 and replaced with the XT-60.

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