2014 Quad Frame in 'discovery' layout (V frame type?)

The 2014 X4 frame has another set of bolt holes in base plate for mounting rear arms further back, similar to a TBS Discovery. I went with in the this ‘Discovery’ style to help balance out a front-facing gimbal (and frankly it looks good). My maiden flight was a little twitchy, and rotating yaw 90 degrees sent the whole thing into a serious wobble. My frame type was X for this flight. However, I noticed in the newest APM Planner when setting up the newest firmware that there is an option for a ‘V Style’ frame which looks like what I have. My understanding of ‘V Style’ frames is that the rear motors are angled (or even inverted). I could just fly and see but my flights are few and far between at the moment so I’m trying to make best of downtime.

I haven’t been able to find much documentation on this new ‘V Style’ frame setup, is this just for tight inverted/angled tail setups or ‘Discovery’ type styles. Is anyone else flying the 2014 X4 frame this way?


You’re mixing up V-tail and V-frame.


V-frame (also called spider frame):

V-style frames are supported already a while.
V-tails are brand new in the software.

Thanks so much! Part of the trouble doing research is having the terminology correct. So I’ve got a V-frame setup.

I’m hoping to find a bit more information regarding the angles in the source code. I need to compare how far off mine are to the values in the code…

[color=#00BF00]Well, let’s move this to the “APM:Code”-subforum then :slight_smile:.[/color]

I will do some research and post a formal question there.

But for anyone interested, yes, after selecting the V-frame layout during setup I was able to yaw without wobbling like crazy. Copter few much better (but needs some serious PID tuning as a separate matter)