2014 DIY Quad Kit / RTF : Dimensions , Weight, RTF params?

  1. 3DR is offering the 2014 Quad Kit, as an RTF as well. I would like to know about the weight and the dimensions (pls in mm.) of the Quad Kit alone, others might be interested about the RTF Version data.

Since 3drobotics.com/learn/diy-quad-kit/ or the shop infos don´t reveal anything about this, it would be great to know some more.

  1. Mission Planner offers Quad X4 RTF parameters: Are they relating to the 2014 Quad, which looks a bit like H more than a X as far as I can tell from the pictures ? Or do they apply to the former versions ?

Note : Since IRIS param offer a param set for the Naked/GoPro/Gimbal version as well, it would be great to have a param set for the 2014 Quad X4 with Tarot Gimbal as well, since its prepared for this according to the shop. For 4S and for 3S (for IRIS upgraders). Since this is entry level, probably highly appreciated. I assume that 3DR frame designers tested their assembly with 3DR components with optimized settings.

Thx for informations.

I have one of these (store.3drobotics.com/products/4s4000-lipo-power) is lighter but still has weight to power issues. When you load the software into the Pixhawk you have to tweak everything for this, if you leave the defaults you will probably crash a lot due to low battery unless you have a timer. I had lipo low battery alarms and Pixhawk dialed up and although the Pixhawk alerted through APM Planner that there was a low battery condition Pixhawk did not make any sounds, it then failsafed into Land mode but at that time there was not enough power to land so it crashed. Fortunately for me I was not high in the air. I was also not able to control it due to the low battery/weight condition so luckily there were no people or animals around as it just drifted by itself into a patch of bushes. Only damage was the cheap GPS stand broke. I can probably get a little less than 5 minutes of flight time fully loaded, I have set my lipo battery alarms to alert at 3.8v which gives me enough power for a safe landing. I did have a few safe Low battery Land’s but I think I was lucky.

Maybe someone else has better experience that we can all learn from.

Tests with 4000mah battery

Land mode crash, that guy was lucky (notice no low battery alarms)

me being dumb and not listening to alarms

Well, thx for sharing your experience.

But: I still need to know about the exact weight (w/o motors ESC FC) and dimensions of the 2014 frame kit.

3D Robotics sales and support should be able to find out. I am surprized, that people are buying the kit without these informations.

Has there ever been an answer to the question posted in this topic as to the dimensions and weight of the DIY quad frame kit? i.e No motors or Electronics just the frame.
I have tried unsuccessfully to get an answer from 3DR support. The person kept giving me the shipping weight and did not seem to understand why that didn’t satisfy my inquiry. I wasn’t even able to get to the dimensions question. Out of frustration I have tried to call many times and the phone is always busy. I just need the dry weight of the frame parts are assembled and the important dimensions such as diagonal motor center to center etc. I would appreciate any assistance. Like the person who posted the original question I fail to understand why it is not part of the product description.

Since there is no answer to this question I will give a clue as an owner of this frame to all those still wondering…

I cannot tell you the exact weight of it, i can only tell you that with electronics (pixhawk, telemetry, gps, Rx, 4 escs, power module and power distr board plus cables), without battery and without motors it weights about 1100gr (!). I can estimate that the frame itself is about 800gr but this is just an estimation… Some weight reduce maybe still be possible (by cutting some cables shorter, removing connectors and soldering directly escs and power module to power distribution board etc.) but i don’t think that will make it less than 700gr

About the size, motor to motor size in diagonal is 56cmm, front to back motor is 30cm and left to to right is 47cm

I believe this frame was designed having the X8 in mind… It is too heavy for a qaud and because of the size limitations it can only take up to 11" props. Adding a gimbal really takes this quad to the limits! On the other hand, i am convinced you can actually use the same frame to build a X8 yourself