2014 3DR RTF Quad with Tarot and GoPro PIDs?

I have a 3DR 2014 RTF Quad that I’m upgrading with your Tarot gimbal and GoPro, and need new PIDs.

Where can I find the new PIDs?

The thread github.com/diydrones/ardupilot/ … ame_params doesn’t have a 2014 RTF Quad gimbal file.

Please advise as you must have a param file that you use when testing your 2014 Quad with the Tarot/GoPro that you sell.



I really don’t think we have these parameters,
have you tried a manual tunning or an Autotune?

If trying the tunning please remove the gimbal before trying so.



Also, make sure you get BIG batteries and a LIPO Alarm. By the time Pixhawk recognizes low power it is right on the threshold of losing control. I have had a few crashes already, finally removed the Gimbal and land at 3.9v.