20-Foot Wingspan Quadplane -- Successful First Flight!

After months of prep, I finally got the old Gooney Bird in the air!
Blog entry here:


Congratulations! Looks awesome!

Thanks Kenny!
It’s been a slog to get this far, but it’s getting there.

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Will this design be commercially available?

There’s nothing like that first successful mission or flight after months of hard work. Congratulations!

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Nope, this is a personal experimental project. That said, I am a drone designer so there is no doubt some of GB’s DNA will end up in other projects. Every device I design gets added to my “playbook”.

Thanks! I know what you mean.
Yeah there were a few sketchy moments at the start right after the transition, but once it was orbiting in RTL steady as a freight train, it was a huge relief. Now it’s just an efficiency and reliability exercise … when I find the time.

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Congrats, like this one and the obvious level of skill a lot.